We had a great Valentine's Day!  

Thank you for ensuring your child had valentine cards to deliver to her/his peers.  It is a very exciting day for the children, and I always worry that someone will have forgotten their cards at home.  I was really impressed that the children were able to recognize some of their peers' names as Jenn and I helped them deliver their cards.

We also had some special Valentine's centres for the children this day.  On the SMART Board the children drew 'Valentine's Pictures", at the art centre they created valentine cards and decorated foam hearts, they played a toss game with gummy hearts, completed heart puzzles, and created patterns with two different kinds of heart erasers.  We then had snack (a big thank you to the families who brought in snacks to share) and opened our valentines.
By Rayyan

First there was a red dinosaur.
Then a blue dinosaur comes to play.
And the last dinosaur is friends with the blue dinosaur and the red dinosaur, and he's the colour orange.
I am a little behind on my laundry thank-yous! 
  • Thank you to Augustus' family for washing our clothing at the end of January.
  • Thank you to Seth's family for washing our clothing last weekend.
By Augustus

Once upon a time in a continuation of a story, the bear and the squirrel were teaching each other things.
But suddenly - poof - they were in a different world.
The powerful, powerful, powerful encyclopedia brought them to the new world.
They saw no creatures, no trees, no other animals.
They only saw a new world full of different creatures.
And those new creatures were dinosaurs.
To be continued...
By Gabriella

Once there was a cow, he was playing all day on his eyeball.
A pen comes up and writes on a piece of paper.
The pen draws an eyeball.
Three zombies have a battle with the cow and the pen.
Three princes come up and help the cow and pen.
The zombies fall down and they sleep for one hundred years.
Zombies Vs. Pirates and Monsters
By Nathan

There's five pirates swimming to find treasure.
And there's two zombies guarding the treasure.
The pirates reach land and they fight them.
And there's two monsters - their colours are black, blue, and pink - they eat the zombies.
The pirates win and get the treasure.
The end. 

Unicorn and Princess
By Leia

Once upon a time a princess was playing in the castle.
And then the unicorn was eating hay. 
The unicorn was by the castle so the princess went out for a ride.
The end.
The Little Girl and the Unicorn
By Megan

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Megan who had a unicorn.
And she gave her a ride to school everyday.
And there was a monster chasing after the unicorn and the little girl.
And the unicorn used the magical horn and little wings to fly.
And the unicorn flies super fast, but walks really slow.
She flied Megan to school. 
The Narther of the Fiercest Pirates
By Aroh

Once upon a time there were three pirates.
One of the pirate's names was Aroh, and the next one was Elisha, the third one was Jesse.
One day a little girl was walking along, Aroh's ship - the Jolly Roger - came. 
They made the little girl walk the plank.
And then some sharks came, the little girl swam away.
Good thing she was fast, those sharks were as fierce as a podner monster.
To be continued...

The Pirate
By Samantha

A girl and a boy where taking the treasure away from the pirates. 
And then one day someone be nice.
The girl and the boy shared the treasure with the pirates. 
What a fantastic field visit we had at the Royal Alberta Museum!  A HUGE thank you to our parent volunteers who were able to help us on this day.  For the first forty-five minutes, the students explored the museum's galleries in small groups (led by teachers and volunteers).  We then met in the lunch room for a quick snack break.

The last hour was spent in the discovery room.  This is a special room for school bookings, with changing hands-on exhibits for children.  As you will see from the photos below, the kids were busy with all sorts of activities relating to prehistoric times.

Morning Class

Following our field visit, we asked the children to reflect on their experience.  We guided this discussion by asking them to think about what they liked, what they didn't like, what they wondered about, etc.  During our community circle, each child shared their thoughts on their time at the Royal Alberta Museum.  
  • Rayyan: I wonder if Spineosaurus has teeth?
  • Luka: There was a lot of dinosaurs and the King of the dinosaurs is Tyrranosaurus Rex and he’s my very favourite. I was mad he wasn’t there.
  • Megan: I wonder if the T-Rex’s sharp teeth were flat teeth?
  • Leia: I didn’t know what that green dinosaur was called.
  • Nathan: I liked the fishies and I liked playing with the computers, they were so fun.
  • Amelie: I liked when we went to the butterflies.
  • Tobias: I liked playing on the computers with Augustus.
  • Gabriella: I liked everything.
  • Augustus: I liked playing on the computers.
  • Jasper: I like going to the museum and I sometimes go there, and there’s some scary parts, and sometimes they talk, and my cousins go there, and there’s a scene where they are killing the buffalo. I’m telling you all the parts of the Aboriginal part so that you know. And then there’s a dark and spooky part where you see their clothes, and then there’s a secret hall you go in, and then you walk through and it’s light again.

Afternoon Class

Following our field visit, we asked the children to reflect on their experience.  We guided this discussion by asking them to think about what they liked, what they didn't like, what they wondered about, etc.  During our community circle, each child shared their thoughts on their time at the Royal Alberta Museum. 

  • Aroh: My group went to the Aboriginal part of the museum, and I was too scared to go where the dinosaurs were, so instead I looked at some rocks.  Kinan saw a beetle that looked scary. 
  • Seth: I was scared about the dinosaurs and I liked to see the bug animals.
  • Jesse: The T-Rex: I thought it was real at first when I was little.  But suddenly, I thought it wasn’t real. Then when we were at the museum at Drumheller there was a huge T-Rex.  There’s nothing that I think about there.  I liked the T-Rex, and I liked dinosaurs - how big they are. I liked that.
  • Kinan: I love to play in the room, and I loved that those big dinosaurs. And I liked those fishy.
  • Elisha: I liked where we could dig in that hard rock and find bones.  Me and my Mom are going to make that with pastry one day.
  • Finn: I like the Indians the best at the museum.
  • Kaliko: I liked the T-Rex and the dinosaurs, but I didn’t like the bugs.
  • Samantha: I like to go on the swing and have fun, and I want to go back there again.
  • Cooper: I forgot all the things yesterday, so I will tell about today. It’s Bridget’s visit day so after she left we will go to gymnastics. I always forget that.
By Amelie

One purple dinosaur named Amelie came along then another yellow dinosaur names Leia came along.
Then they walked along together and met a pink dinosaur named Megan.
And then they all made friends.
The end.
By Jasper

Once there was a pirate that had three pirate sons named Looly, Grover, and Elmo.
They went on an adventure to Treasure Island to look for treasure.
There were zombies there guarding the treasure.
And then they fighted the zombies.
And then black and white dinosaurs named Whomee and Solo came.
And then two red and white dragons named Evenme and Starwars came.
A Little Boy Out in the Snow
By Elisha

A little boy is holding a snowball on top of the snow.
And then there's a snowball fight and he throws it and it splits into pieces and hits four people.
A Little Boy and a Little Rabbit
By Kaliko

A little rabbit and a little boy were playing in the snow.
And when they went inside the snow started to melt.
And then next night it started for pirate ships to come out.
And then next morning the pirates played outside and the little boy and the bunny played outside.