By Augustus

Once upon a time in a continuation of a story, the bear and the squirrel were teaching each other things.
But suddenly - poof - they were in a different world.
The powerful, powerful, powerful encyclopedia brought them to the new world.
They saw no creatures, no trees, no other animals.
They only saw a new world full of different creatures.
And those new creatures were dinosaurs.
To be continued...
By Gabriella

Once there was a cow, he was playing all day on his eyeball.
A pen comes up and writes on a piece of paper.
The pen draws an eyeball.
Three zombies have a battle with the cow and the pen.
Three princes come up and help the cow and pen.
The zombies fall down and they sleep for one hundred years.
Zombies Vs. Pirates and Monsters
By Nathan

There's five pirates swimming to find treasure.
And there's two zombies guarding the treasure.
The pirates reach land and they fight them.
And there's two monsters - their colours are black, blue, and pink - they eat the zombies.
The pirates win and get the treasure.
The end. 

"Princess Leia Land"
By Leia

One day Princess Leia was playing in the water.
A storm comes and it rains.
Luke Skywalker comes and plays with her - they play leapfrog, they play with blocks too. 
By Tobias

In the forest a cougar was roaring at a lion.
They fight.

By Kaliko

A little boy and a little girl were making a snowman.
And a big storm comed.
And then they went inside and then they went to bed and then it was close to summer.

Morning Class

Sorry it has taken so long for this post!  I hope you enjoy these photos and videos.  A big thank you to Jasper's dad, Marc, for taking such beautiful photos and emailing them to me so I could put them on this site.

The day after the snowflake festival we asked the children to reflect back on the experience and share with us their favourite part of the day.  Here is what they had to say:

The cookies ~ Amelie 
The candy canes ~ Augustus
The candy canes ~ Finn
Candy canes, hot chocolate, and cookies ~ Jasper
The hot chocolate ~ Justin
When the fox ate the gingerbread cookie ~ Luka (referring to the gingerbread story we read that day)
Hot chocolate ~ Megan
Eating the cookies ~ Rayyan
Cookies, chocolate, and candy canes ~ Tobias 
Performing The Mitten
Performing Snow Songs

Afternoon Class

Dear Families,

I have no photos of the afternoon class performance.  If you were taking photos, please consider emailing some to me so that I may post them on here.  I have emailed you a link to the video Kiwook (Aroh's dad) made, as it is much better than our recording.  

The day after the performance, we asked the children to share their favourite part of the Snowflake Festival during our community circle sharing time.  Here are their responses:

It was music ~ Aroh
Doing The Mitten ~ Avery
The doodle bug part with Miss Diane ~ Cooper
Singing music ~ Dorine 
Playing The Mitten ~ Elisha
Playing The Mitten ~ Finn 
Playing the drums ~ Kinan
I loved all of it ~ Lowyn
My favourite was playing bells ~ Seth
Singing and The Mitten ~ Talha
I liked singing ~ Tommy