The first days of school were absolutely fantastic!  I am truly impressed with how well the children did when their parents left the classroom on that first day!  Thank you again to everyone for allowing Jenn and I to come visit your family in your homes prior to school starting.  We enjoyed meeting the children in the context of their home lives.  The Open House had a great turn out, and I know the children liked exploring their new classroom with their families. 
    Our Split Entry went really well!  We began the day by reading "The Kissing Hand" by Audrey Penn.  It is about a little raccoon named Chester and his first day of school.  Chester doesn't want to go to school until his mom tells him about the secret 'kissing hand'.  She places a kiss on the palm of his hand so that he can feel her love while he is at school.  We then passed around Chester (a raccoon stuffie) and shared how we felt about our first day of school.  Photos of your child and what they shared during this circle time are posted on the wall behind our printing table.  
     The children spent the rest of the day playing at learning centres, eating snack, and making a person to look like them.  Their people are displayed in our classroom, so come see if you can tell which one is your child's.  We ended the day with a community circle, where we all shared our favourite part of the day and then headed outside to play!   

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