After coming across a science post about bubbles freezing and shattering in cold temperatures, I decided we needed to try this!  So yesterday we went outside (it was about -5 C) to blow bubbles.  I have never thought about doing this activity in the colder weather.

In order for the bubbles to freeze and shatter (as described in the science post) the bubble needs to be caught on a wand and held for a few minutes... needless to say our bubbles only lasted long enough for a child to reach them and pop them with their hands!  However, we found that the bubbles lasted longer - in the sense that they did not pop on their own - they would float through the chilly air until a child popped them or they landed on a nearby tree.  

We will try this experiment again, maybe on Thursday, and this time try to catch out bubbles on our wands and wait for them to freeze.  I hope you also try this experiment at home and let us know how it works out! 

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