Line Art

At the Art Gallery of Alberta we learned that there are four components to art: line, colour, shape, and texture.  This artwork is an extension of our learning. 

The children created their artwork by using different kinds of lines.  They first had to make their line with glue, and then chose the colour/type of string to use and carefully laid the string over their glue line.  The children came back to their artwork over a one-week period to add lines.

When we first discussed lines at the AGA, the children were asked, “What is a line?”  They came up with the following:
·      “A line of string.”
·      “A line of square and rectangle.”
·      “A line that makes shapes.”
·      “It could go straight or all over.”
·      “Feet can be a line.”
·      “Like a circle, that’s a line.”

At the AGA we learned how to describe lines, by using words such as:
·      Straight
·      Curvy
·      Twirly
·      Swirly
·      Zig Zag


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