Wow, were the kids ever excited about wearing their pjs yesterday!  What a fun-filled time we had together.  

We took turns showing our pajamas during our welcome meeting, and then read Audrey Wood's "The Napping House".  This repetitive story is great for retelling, so each child created their own visual representation of the Napping House.  Since the school year is coming to an end these will not be on display, but will be glued into your child's portfolio.

After centres, we had group time where we read the song-based picture book "8 Silly Monkeys".  We used monkeys from our beanie baby collection to model the numeracy concept of subtraction as we sang our way through the book.  The children then identified the characters in the story (monkeys, Mom, and doctor) and then we acted out the song (with many more silly monkeys so everyone could have a part if they wanted).  We were able to get great videos of this!  The videos have been posted in the "Protected Section" of the website, please check your email for the password. 

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