We began our Community Circle by reading Action Jackson, by Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan.  This story provided us with more information about Jackson Pollock - the artist who creating the paint throwing technique. 

We then asked the children to think about our field visit yesterday:
- How did paint throwing make you feel?
- What did you like about it?
- What didn't you like about it?

Amelie - I didn't like when somebody's balloon popped in my face.
Augustus - I liked all of it except when I got paint on me.
Finn - The balloons was the best part.
Gabriella - I felt happy and I liked when we threw the balloons.
Jasper - I liked how I made the explosion on my picture.
Justin - I feeled happy when we threw the paint.
Kobe - I liked popping the balloons.
Leia - My favourite part was when I was throwing the paint.
Luka - I didn't like when the paint got on me.
Megan - My favourite part was popping balloons and shaking my hands.
Rayyan - I liked when I put the orange paint on my pants.

Avery - I didn't like the pain in my eye, but I really know that I love throwing the paint.  It was really fun and it looked like I had rainbow hands.
Cooper - I didn't like the popping the balloon bit.
Dorine - I didn't like throwing the paint, it was too messy.
Elisha - My favourite part was the balloons and squirting paint from the syringe.
Kaliko - I liked throwing my balloon and popping it because I saw the colours on my hands.
Kinan - I liked popping the balloons.
Lowyn - I didn't like popping the balloon becasue it was too loud.
Seth - I didn't know how to pop the balloons, but then I popped it!


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