Last week we read the story Setting the Turkeys Free, by W. Nikola-Lisa.  It is about a little boy who paints his hand and presses it on paper to make a turkey.  He then decorates his turkeys and tells a story about a fox coming to eat them.  In order to save the turkeys, he opens the gate (on the fence he has made) so his turkeys can run free.  The children love retelling this story using the turkeys, hens, and foxes you can see in this photo!  

This story inspired the children to create their own turkeys.  On Tuesday we painted their hands to make the turkey print; on Wednesday the children added eyes, jewels, feathers, bits of paper, and the wattle; and finally on Thursday they added the legs.  I then asked each child to tell me about their turkeys, and recorded what they had to say.  Their descriptions can be found below their turkey art.  I hope you enjoy looking through the photos of their beautiful artwork! 


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