After reading the story The Biggest Snowman Ever, by Steven Kroll the children each made their own snow-person. 

On Tuesday we ripped three snowballs from white construction paper.  Ripping large pieces of paper was tricky and time consuming!  However, the children persevered and finished the task.  Today we completed our snow-people by adding arms, eyes, buttons, a hat, and a carrot nose.  Our creations will be up in the hallway when you come to school tomorrow.  

This art activity helps children develop their hand strength as we used our 'pincher fingers' (thumb and index finger) to rip the paper rather than use scissors.  You can have your child rip images out of flyers/magazines at home to continue to strengthen their hand muscles - which will help them later (in the school year, kindergarten, and grade one) as they complete fine motor work using writing utensils and scissors. 


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