By: Cooper

When we were at Fort Edmonton Park there was a big maze and we went in and it kept getting darker and darker and darker.  And then we found a way out and people snuck up behind us. 

"Haunted House"
By: Elisha

There was a drawer and then there was a skeleton in it.  He had a straw to drink with.  There were two skeletons and the other one was in the closet.  There was a zombie in the other closet and the kids were sleeping - they were in a haunted house with their family.  And a ghost was with the zombie. 

"Two Little Tigers and the Mean Monster"
By: Kaliko

Two little mean tigers were playing at the park.  It was Christmas and there were trees all around.  And they have really fun at home.  A bat was looking at them.

By: Lowyn

When I go to Disneyland, I was happy.  I went to see Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.


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