"Three Little Ghosts"
By Jasper

There was a little ghost who was all alone and sneaking up on someone.
Then a ghost-car came and picked him up and he went to a Halloween party.
And then at the Halloween party he had some yucky treats - they were yummy to him and yucky to humans.
Then they played pin the tail on the witch.
Then he meets his friends and they go home from the Halloween party.

"Seven Little Ladybugs"
By Kaliko

Seven little ladybugs playing at the park.
When their mom called them, they said, "Okay."
And then they played at home and didn't think about playing at the park again.

"The Little Fishy and the Good Shark"
By Kaliko

The little fishy was playing at home and then the shark said, "Come on, it's time to play at the park."

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