"How do you Meet a Cow"
By Gabriella

First there was a cow and then a horse came up.
They played together all day and laughed and laughed.
Then they were so hot they got ice cream.
The flavours were chocolate and strawberry.
Horse read his own book and cow read her own book. 
And the books were: 'How do you Meet a Cow?' and 'How do you Have a Music Day?'
By Rayyan

Once upon a time there were invisible pirates on a pirate ship and they were looking for buried treasure.
There were mean pirates that were not invisible and they hit the invisible pirates with their swords and knocked them in the water. 

"The Two Pirates"
By Finn S.

Once upon a time there was two pirates.
They were sailing and a wind came.
They fall off the ship but then they swam back to shore.
More pirates came.
The end. 
"The T-Rex Didn't Know What to Do"
By Jesse

Once upon a time a T-Rex didn't know what to do.
Another T-Rex came and they played hockey all the time.
The end.

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