Pirate and Barbie
By Ameilie 

Once upon a time there was an invisible pirate.
He went looking for a butterfly to help him. 
But then a castle appeared and a Barbie looked out the window.
The end.
Zombies Vs. Pirates Dinosaurs
By Nathan

One day there's two pirates swimming to an island.
The zombies were tere and the pirates were fighting them right now.
And there's dinosaurs - blue, purple, and black dinosaurs - fighting the zombies.
The pirates and the dinosaurs win.

The Pirate
By Samantha

A little girl is walking.
The pirates come and tear her away.
And one day there was a little girl, her name was Sam.
This girl steals the treasure away from the bad guy.
By Seth

I love my mom so much and I like to play with the dogs.

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