More and More Dinosaurs
By Luka

Once upon a time it was the rest of a story.
And then there was Tyrannosaurus Rex, and then a Velociraptor, and then they were friends.
It was a friendship.
And then there was Triceratops who bumped his friendship because he didn't want to have a friendship anymore.
Princess Megan
By Megan

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess named Megan.
She had two pet kitties named Elmo and Pearl.
There was a fire breathing dragon who tried to eat the beautiful princess named Megan. 
And the kitties just purred.
A prince came and puted a sword in the dragon.
And the beautiful princess went to a ball with the prince.
The Princess and the Dragon
By Dorine

Once upon a time there was a dragon and a princess.
One day they went to the park to play and it rained.  
And then they runned until they falled into the mud.
They hurried home and dressed up and they went to bed.
And then the early morning they waked up early and they went outside to play.
And then it was night and they sleep.
The end. 

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