Today is Universal Children's Day.  We read the stories "For Every Child" and "We are all Born Free", which talk about the universal rights of the child.  Each page is done by a different illustrator, making the books very visually appealing.  These books are on display in our classroom, so please feel free to read them with your child at drop-off time.
For our community circle, we asked the children "What do you like about begin a kid?"

  • "Playing with my friends" - Amelie
  • "Pretending to be animals" - Augustus
  • "Running" - Daniel
  • "Painting because you get to get messy" - Gabriella
  • "Playing all the angry birds" - Jasper
  • "Eating well and sleeping well" - Justin
  • "Playing trucks and running over creatures" - Kobe
  • "I like running a lot" - Leia
  • "Star Wars Angry Birds" - Luka
  • "Playing zombis versus plants and playing cars" - Nathan
  • "Playing Star Wars on Mommy's iPad" - Rayyan

  •  "It's all fun and I never get bored because I'm a smart kid" - Aroh
  • "Playing with Mom and Dad" - Avery
  • "Going swimming" - Cooper
  • "Playing with my brother" - Dorine
  • "I get to go outside" - Elisha
  • "Drawing" - Finn
  • "I like to go trick-or-treating" - Kaliko
  • 'Going swimming" - Lowyn
  • "I like to go to the park, playing in the sand, and going camping" - Seth
  • "Playing" - Talha
  • "Going swimming" - Tommy

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