The weather outside is quickly changing as fall approaches.  We have been reading fictional stories about leaves and animals as well as reading non-fiction books explaining the changes we observe in fall.  In our play area, we have been looking at the plants, flowers, and leaves for signs of fall with magnifying glasses. 

After reading many books about leaves, we went outside to collect some and make leaf rubbings.  Your child’s first creation using this art technique was sent home for your family to enjoy. 

On Thursday we went outside to again use this technique, now that the children were more familiar with it.  This time children were given the following instructions:
  • You must complete at least five rubbings.
  • You must change crayons after each rubbing.

After completing the leaf rubbings the teachers interviewed the children about their art.  Unfortunately I could not get good photographs of the artwork with the descriptions.  So below you will see a photograph of your child's artwork.  Please come to the music and movement room to have a better look of the artwork and what your child had to say!

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