On Monday the morning class had the opportunity to visit the PEDS 293 class, which is a course run by the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation.  The purpose of our visit was to allow undergraduate students the opportunity to work with small children in a gymnasium setting.  The 'big kids' experienced what it is like to plan physical activities and lessons and then actually teach them to young children.  I'm certain they learned a great deal from us! 
The visit started out with helping the 'big kids' create their name tags.  This allowed our children to meet them and feel comfortable around their new buddies.  The students then moved around the open spaces like different animals - first we followed a storybook and then we thought of other animals we could move like.  For the last part of the visit, we engaged in free play with a variety of equipment.  The children had a blast and it was really neat for Jenn and I to observe them interacting with their big buddies and participate in these activities!  

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