We had a lovely day of reading on Wednesday!  Dr. Kathy Smith, the Director of the Child Study Centre, came to read to both the morning and afternoon classes.  First she sang the song-based picture book This Old Man.  The children were able to sing along with her as Diane has been singing this song with them during music time.
Next she sang the song based picture book The Seals on the Bus, by Lenny Hort.  The children really enjoyed this song and were easily able to sing with Dr. Kathy.  When we discussed this book later, the children wondered how these animals got on the bus! 
Lastly, Dr. Kathy read us Drumheller Dinosaur Dance, by Robert Heidbreder.  This book has fantastic illustrations of the hoodoos and a magical quality as the fossils come alive to play instruments.  The beat of the dinosaurs' drums creates a musical element to this book as well!  Families are able to sign out all three of the books Dr. Kathy read to us as we have them in our classroom collection.
In our afternoon class, Aroh's mother, Sabrina, read us the book Chopsticks, by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.  The theme of this story is trying new things, and the author uses puns that will have the adult reader laughing (the humour is above the children, but I found this book hilarious)!  We will have this book available to read with your child in the classroom.    


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