Just a reminder that there will not be school on Monday, November 12th in lieu of Remembrance Day.  

Today we talked about why we have Remembrance Day and what the poppy symbolizes.  Remembrance Day is quite an abstract concept for children to grasp; however, I feel it is important to begin talking about Remembrance Day at a young age.  We each shared our thoughts during our community circle after we read "A Poppy is to Remember" by Heather Patterson.  This weekend, may you all take a moment to remember those who fought, and those who are still fighting. 

08/11/2012 5:26pm

We were dropping the car off at the dealership to put the snow tires on and Luka was noticing all the poppies that everyone was wearing and showing his off. He also spoke with the older lady sitting beside us about what peace meant. She was very impressed with all he knew about poppies and rememberance day... though she was confused by his repeated mentioning of "warks" (since he cannot yet say the "l" consistently.


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