Activity Description:
Everyday we will be acting out stories told by two of our class members.  During centre time the two students (who are chosen by pulling names out of a jar) work with Jenny to create their stories.  They then identify the characters in their stories and choose which of their peers will be playing the roles.  A tracking sheet is used to ensure all students have equal turns in both the storytelling and the acting portion of this daily activity.

A photocopy of your child's story will be sent home the day she/he tells it, so that your family can read it also.  Perhaps you will want to act out the stories at home too!    

By Finn C.

There was a guy who had a motorcycle with flames and a monster on it and he crashed.
Then another guy went super fast and it was snowing and he slipped off his bike and jumped onto a pole.
Then three more motorcycles cam and they zoomed and they won the race.

By Jasper

A mommy and a daddy Triceratops are cooking plants for their babies.  
And the babies are cooking plants for the mommy and daddy.
A T-Rex eats them all.
And then a Velociraptor eats the T-Rex.
Then a giant dinosaur eats the Velociraptor.
The end.
"Pender Island"
By Cooper

Did you know on Pender Island the fridge was really stinky and there was a big blob of mould in it. 
My mom had to use bleach and she told us to stay away.
Sillus had to stay away too.
By Lowyn

Once upon a time there was two boys named Cooper and Finn.
They built a snowman with Lowyn.


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