Unicorn and Princess
By Leia

Once upon a time a princess was playing in the castle.
And then the unicorn was eating hay. 
The unicorn was by the castle so the princess went out for a ride.
The end.
The Little Girl and the Unicorn
By Megan

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Megan who had a unicorn.
And she gave her a ride to school everyday.
And there was a monster chasing after the unicorn and the little girl.
And the unicorn used the magical horn and little wings to fly.
And the unicorn flies super fast, but walks really slow.
She flied Megan to school. 
The Narther of the Fiercest Pirates
By Aroh

Once upon a time there were three pirates.
One of the pirate's names was Aroh, and the next one was Elisha, the third one was Jesse.
One day a little girl was walking along, Aroh's ship - the Jolly Roger - came. 
They made the little girl walk the plank.
And then some sharks came, the little girl swam away.
Good thing she was fast, those sharks were as fierce as a podner monster.
To be continued...

The Pirate
By Samantha

A girl and a boy where taking the treasure away from the pirates. 
And then one day someone be nice.
The girl and the boy shared the treasure with the pirates. 

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