By Augustus

Once upon a time in a continuation of a story, the bear and the squirrel were teaching each other things.
But suddenly - poof - they were in a different world.
The powerful, powerful, powerful encyclopedia brought them to the new world.
They saw no creatures, no trees, no other animals.
They only saw a new world full of different creatures.
And those new creatures were dinosaurs.
To be continued...
By Gabriella

Once there was a cow, he was playing all day on his eyeball.
A pen comes up and writes on a piece of paper.
The pen draws an eyeball.
Three zombies have a battle with the cow and the pen.
Three princes come up and help the cow and pen.
The zombies fall down and they sleep for one hundred years.
Zombies Vs. Pirates and Monsters
By Nathan

There's five pirates swimming to find treasure.
And there's two zombies guarding the treasure.
The pirates reach land and they fight them.
And there's two monsters - their colours are black, blue, and pink - they eat the zombies.
The pirates win and get the treasure.
The end. 
By Tobias

Once upon a time there's a little boy who was playing with a ball with a friend. 

The Princess and The King
By Avery

Once upon a time there was a king named Elisha and a princess named Lowyn.
Every time a nice dragon came and said, "Do you need any help dear?" - and his name was Kinan.
And the princess said, "Yes!"
He helps her to get the castle out of the dirt. 
The king and the princess dance together at the wedding.
By Kinan

There was a door and a mom and bread so we can eat.
And a dad and grandma and grandpa.


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