"The Bear and the Squirrel Met Friends"
By Augustus

Once upon a time there was a bear, and that bear was sad because he lost his old friend.
But one day the bear set off and he found a friend that was up in a tree.
And that friend's name was Mr. Oldy Squirrel.
Mr. Oldy Squirrel was so scared at first, so the bear told him he was a good bear.
The end.
"Every Pirate Gone"
By Luka

The invisible pirates jump on the ship. 
Two pirates and invisible pirates fight them off their ship.
The two pirates fall in the sea.
They don't know how to swim.
"The Two Girls are the Best Friends"
By Aroh

Once upon a time two girls built an igloo.
They went inside and then a boy named Aroh came along, he wanted to go in the igloo too.
The girls let him in and they stayed friends for the rest of their lives.
The end.
"There's a Snowman"
By Kinan

A boy makes a snowman.
Then the boy is sleeping and the snowman breaks.


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