By Amelie

One purple dinosaur named Amelie came along then another yellow dinosaur names Leia came along.
Then they walked along together and met a pink dinosaur named Megan.
And then they all made friends.
The end.
By Jasper

Once there was a pirate that had three pirate sons named Looly, Grover, and Elmo.
They went on an adventure to Treasure Island to look for treasure.
There were zombies there guarding the treasure.
And then they fighted the zombies.
And then black and white dinosaurs named Whomee and Solo came.
And then two red and white dragons named Evenme and Starwars came.
A Little Boy Out in the Snow
By Elisha

A little boy is holding a snowball on top of the snow.
And then there's a snowball fight and he throws it and it splits into pieces and hits four people.
A Little Boy and a Little Rabbit
By Kaliko

A little rabbit and a little boy were playing in the snow.
And when they went inside the snow started to melt.
And then next night it started for pirate ships to come out.
And then next morning the pirates played outside and the little boy and the bunny played outside. 

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