Over the past week we have been talking about the word 'thankful'.  This began with reading the book The Way I Feel, By Janan Cain, as the book identifies different feelings individuals can have.  The children and I all felt thankful that we had special guests coming to read to us throughout the week.  At the end of each day, we created thank you cards to give to our readers. 

On Thursday we read a poem about being thankful and then thought of the things we are thankful for.  During our community circle, we passed around a turkey (named Gobbles) and each shared what we are thankful for in our lives.  
Here is what the children in the morning class had to say:
  • Abd-ElRahman is thankful for reading books.
  • Amélie is thankful for her friend Leia.
  • Augustus is thankful that he’s a bobcat today. 
  • Daniel is thankful for his car, CDs, and books.
  • Finn is thankful for his Hot Wheels car.
  • Jasper is thankful for his new dinosaur Hot Wheels set.
  • Justin is thankful everyone sat in the music room so well. 
  • Kobe is thankful for his little brother who plays with him everyday. 
  • Luka is thankful for his car.
  • Megan is thankful she got to clean up with everyone.
  • Nathan is thankful for playing cars at his house and for eating yummy food. 
  • Rayyan is thankful for Spiderman, Finn McMissile, and Mater.

Here is what the children in the afternoon class had to say:
  • Aroh is thankful he gets to play at the water station.
  • Avery is thankful she lets Mommy and Daddy give her nice good suppers.
  • Cooper is thankful for everything.
  • Dorine is thankful her mommy gives her new toys.
  • Finn is thankful for everything.
  • Seth is thankful for pizza.
  • Lowyn is thankful she gets to give her toys to everyone and her cousins.
  • Tommy is thankful for candy.

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